Day 4–Treats

No, that cute, little, red pot isn’t Le Creuset–it’s Cuisinart and it was on sale



It’s Day 4 and what you’re looking at is my treat for not buying (or drinking) wine for three days. No, that cute, little, red pot isn’t Le Creuset–it’s Cuisinart and it was on sale–but it still makes me very happy. And it makes the cravings and weird, wobbly, unhinged feelings of new sobriety more palatable.

I’m going to cook a Greek dish, Fasolakia Giaxni (green beans stewed with onions and tomatoes and oregano) in that cute, little, red pot tonight for supper. I’m going to cook in my cute, little, red pot on a  Friday when I’d ordinarily eat popcorn for supper and buy the big bottle of red wine. So the pot is red and the tomatoes will be red but there will be no red wine.

And that’s scary and hard and I feel like I’m breaking up with a long-time but dysfunctional, slightly malicious friend, but the cute, little, red pot is soothing some of the sting and fear.

Feeling better physically, not dragging myself through my day, not hating myself in the morning, those are big perks too.