Today marks Day 32 of continuous sobriety for me. And I’m shocked. And grateful. I’ve circled the drain of Day 1 (to paraphrase Belle) and it’s is a vile smelling neighbourhood. This 32 days away from Day 1 is a much sweeter aroma. I’m gulping big lungfuls of the sweet, non-sewer like, scent of sobriety.

It’s been 32 days where I didn’t wake up hating myself.

It’s been 32 days where anything was possible.

It’s been 32 days where I was kinder to myself and cut myself some much needed slack.

It’s been 32 days of sleeping so so much better. I’ve actually logged more than a few 10 hour sleeps. Who knew I was this tired?

It’s been 32 days of going to bed knowing I managed another sober day.

It’s been 32 days of re-aquainting myself with myself. Addled, stressed, fuzzy, foggy me is not me.

I waited to start blogging again because I wanted some mileage from Day 1. So Day 32 seemed like a good day to start.

What I’m learning is that everyday is a good day to start…whatever it is you need to start.




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